News Article 4 - WHY SO SERIOUS? - 20/10/2011

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    News Article 4 - WHY SO SERIOUS? - 20/10/2011

    Post  =/L0K=> 3 Kings on Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:06 am

    And whats up with this stat thing?? Example A:

    pure733t: "mate!, i just got 100 knife kills in 4 hours"

    supersupermassboss: "Fucking hell! Mate, you are gooodddd!!!"

    pure733t: "I know man, and i didnt even open my eyes!"

    supersupermassboss: "I just got 100 tank kills. Lets brother chest pump each other!"

    =/L0K=>: "man i just got killed.. I was caught tea bagging some bitch again!"

    pure733t: …................

    supersupermassboss: …...............

    supersupermassboss: "yes! 150 tank kills!!"

    That's your elite gamers right there and good luck with that, seriously

    But look guys. This is a game and we here at =/L0K=> are here for 1 thing only, fun!

    =/L0K=> ewansdad29

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