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    Post  =/L0K=> 3 Kings on Mon Oct 17, 2011 4:43 am

    ----------}}*****Listen up! We got 3 kings running a kingdom and we cant do it by ourselves.:

    We need kings to join our legion. We need you soldier!
    Requirements are simple
    You must be 18+
    We need to know where you’re from. No point in asking you to ride amongst us if you live in fucking Poland and we are battling in Africa
    You are in no way allowed to be serious er..*shlop* why, yer.. *shlop* so SERIOUS? (Its a GAME people!)
    Tag. Tea Bag. =/L0K=> an Load! As a king you must be able to tea bag like a fucking legend!
    So, what you waiting for? Sign up here and message one of the KING of Kings -Ewansdad29,Jet.Reflex or Mr_Cage.*****{{-------------

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