Battlefield 3 Console Chat

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    Battlefield 3 Console Chat

    Post  =/L0K=> 3 Kings on Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:49 pm

    -------------}}***** So, we heard you cant afford a posh PC but you have a console for a war machine?
    That’s ok, even though we laugh at your puny little consoles, we still offer our hand to you and we shall form an alliance alongside you.

    Maybe you like a game of fifa or maybe you’re a COD man/Lady. Maybe, you actually want to talk to other console gamer’s. Post your xbox tag or ps3 network name here and let others touch you like we do (not in that way)

    =/L0K=> Advice? hurry up and buy a decent gaming PC rig so you can taste a real war mwahahahahaha.

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