Top Battlefield 3 Tips

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    Top Battlefield 3 Tips

    Post  =/L0K=> bunnsnow on Tue Nov 01, 2011 2:00 am

    My fellow Kings king

    Here are ten useful tips to help your Battlefield 3 score and team:

    1. Spot enemies! Use Q or the select buttons to spot enemy players, if they're killed, you'll get a spot bonus worth ten points.
    2. Resupply/Health Packs. Playing support? Drop ammo, even if you have full ammo, your team may need it, plus you'll earn points. Same with assault, drop health packs! You can earn up to 120 points, just from one squad member with a health pack.
    3. Watch your mini-map! Spotted enemies, newly capped points, and objectives can be revealed.
    4. Take out walls to reveal enemies.
    5. Play the objective, capture bases, defend points, set charges.
    6. Recon - set spawn beacons. Especially in hidden areas.
    7. Tactical Lights and Lasers. They make it difficult for the enemy to know exactly where to shoot.
    8. Don't have a bipod? Hold shift (left stick) to steady your aim while scoped.
    9. IRNV! This scope allows you to see anything and allows you to see individual soldiers out to 500m! Works well in low-light and the bright daylight of Caspian Border.
    10. Have a moment? Reload twice. After you blow through a clip and reload, you'll have thirty rounds ready to fire, but if you reload twice, one round is left in the chamber, plus another thirty, leaving you with 31. That last round could be the kill shot!

    Now get out there and KICK SOME ARSE!

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